What Art Supplies Does Paint in Hawaii Use?
poolside art party paint setup

What Art Supplies Does Paint in Hawaii Use?

stock paint party palette brushes paint

 Acrylic Paint 

brands: Sax True Flow, Liquitex, Stevenson, Blick

Chrome Yellow

Bright Red

Pthalo Blue 

Mars Black 

Titanium White


12″ x 16″

16″ x 20″ 

stock paint in hawaii paintbrushes art palm trees


Blick Scholastic Wonder White Bright size 12 (this is my favorite brush) 

Handmade Modern Brush Sets at Target, the watercolor set is pretty extensive


 Shop Towels, Rags, or Paper Towel to wipe excess paint from brush and blend smoothly. 

Cup for Paint Water 

Palette – any plate will do. The paint can be washed off when wet or peeled up when dry. 


paint jugs

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