"Iʻm a Beginner and Donʻt Know How to Paint, Iʻm not good at this and Iʻm not Creative!"

GREAT! Iʻve taught HUNDREDS of people to paint in Seattle and Hawaiʻi, and if everyone knew how to paint, what would I do with my life? If you WANT to paint, I can teach you!

paint in hawaii i lava hawaii art class

In the beginning of the class, I hear the voices, “I canʻt paint a stick figure.” or “I havenʻt painted since I was in kindergarten.” or “Sheʻs the artistic one.” or “I canʻt sit next to him, heʻs an artist!”

At the end of the class, I hear those same voices, “That was fun!” “I canʻt wait to do this again!” and “I canʻt believe I did this!” We take a group photo together, and itʻs like we all sat on the same beach and painted the same scene, and the differences are our personalities – were we careful and quiet with delicate brushstrokes and thin applications of paint, or were we loud and exciting, boisterous with spoonfuls of paint like Van Gogh, were we so askew with our figures that we are now a Picasso? Every hand holds a brush with different character, and thatʻs what makes each one a special original.

Now, through this pandemic, Iʻd like to bring these paint parties to you. Iʻve taken a break to really think about what makes a paint party, and itʻs not having all the right supplies and turning out a perfect piece of art, itʻs about learning to see the world in a way thatʻs a little more beautiful, itʻs about seeing your own inner creativity in a way thatʻs a little more gentle, and itʻs about expressing yourself in a way that feels safe, and happy, and free.

If youʻd like to be invited to paint with me, Iʻll send you all the invitations. Iʻm going to be giving private lessons, recording myself painting murals and teaching paintings, and doing group paint parties via Zoom, where you can paint with me.