Go to the CHOOSE YOUR PAINTING GALLERY and CLICK THE PAINTING YOU WANT and then give us the name of the painting when you book your appointment

Read this FAQ all the way through. Get excited! Youʻre gonna be painting! 

  • One Canvas
  • Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue paint, and any additional colors you may have or want.
  • Brushes: photo of paintbrushes 
  • More details: HERE

Gather all your mark making instruments (brushes, pastels, markers, crayons) and paintable surfaces (have you always wanted to paint your cooler or your wooden shelves?) and weʻll figure something creative we can do with what you have. 

  • Pick a Painting from the Gallery
  • Schedule your time.
  • Gather your materials
    1. Paint
    2. Canvas
    3. Brushes
    4. Cup of water
    5. Paper towel/rag / shop towel
    6. Palette/ paper plate/ plastic lid.
  • Pick a quiet spot where you can hear. Make sure your headset is connecting to your computer beforehand, and that Zoom is installed. (You can have as many people as you want, per access code)
  • Click the provided link at the scheduled time.
  • Introductions
  • Start with the background. Weʻll get our brush wet, and Iʻll tell you what color and where it goes. Iʻll show you which brush to choose, and how to hold it.
  • Two hours later, weʻll screenshot our masterpieces.
  • Would you like to make your recorded edited lesson available for YouTube so you can watch it again and again? 50% off your next painting lesson! Access to one of our group painting calls.
  • Gather your pencils and markers and crayons and a big stack or paper! Iʻll be teaching your small ones how to draw plants and basic animals and simple people. Kids donʻt have the attention span for two hours of painting, so this lesson will go for an hour, or until your child cannot sit at the computer any longer, whichever is soonest. 

    Yes, you can still use your paint in Hawaii credit with your Artist in Hawaii. Just send an email to PAINTINHAWAII.

    My current rate is $60/hr for two hours. You are welcome to include anyone who is in quarantine with you (maximum 5 persons). 

    Of course!! I work with children, too, and we are all beginners somewhere in life. If you were already a master painter, you wouldnʻt need me! 

    If you are able to meet during the calendar times available, yes I do! If you do not speak English, thatʻs fine too, we will communicate with paint and waving arm motions.

    I prefer to keep my number private. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to email me and I will reply when I can.

    I require 24 hour’s notice to offer a refund or apply your payment to another lesson. If you are unable to make the lesson that day, I am happy to reschedule if you let me know beforehand, as sometimes this happens to me as well.