Laʻaloa Rainbow Sky
"Laʻaloa Rainbow Sky" Original Acrylic on Canvas 16"20" by artist Katana Leigh

Laʻaloa Rainbow Sky

Laʻaloa Magic Sands Rainbow Beach
"Laʻaloa Rainbow Sky" Acrylic on Canvas, Original Painting by artist Katana Leigh

One of my favorite places in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, is Laʻaloa Bay. Iʻm making an effort to use the correct Hawaiian name. People are also calling this beach Magic Sands or Magic Slams, based on the number of injuries sustained here. Still yet, itʻs one of my favorite places to jump in the water after work. 

Step by Step breakdown: 

This painting begins with a golden wash over the canvas, blending in pink and then blue in a rainbow arch. Then, with a steady hand, a fairly straight blue horizontal line creates the ocean. Color that in a little bit, slowly adding a little yellow and white to your blue as you get lower on the canvas. Add in the black steps on the top right for the Magic Sands Beach Grillʻs silhouette, and color in two small rectangles and a triangle to indicate the building and lanai areas. In the foreground, over the yellow wash but not quite where the ocean is, add in blobs of black paint, in uneven rows. These are your rocks. Finish with white brush marks for the wave and shoreline foam.

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